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Dr. Jay Sarthy Receives Damon Runyon-Sohn Pediatric Cancer Fellowship Award

By August 9, 2018No Comments

The Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation has named Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center’s Dr. Jay F. Sarthy as one of five outstanding young scientists to receive the prestigious Damon Runyon-Sohn Pediatric Cancer Fellowship Award. He will receive $231,000 over four years to study pediatric brain cancers.

Under the mentorship of geneticist Dr. Steven Henikoff and pediatric neuro-oncologist Dr. Jim Olson of the Hutch, Sarthy will aim to develop new, easy-to-use and affordable methods for studying DNA packaging and epigenetics (modification of gene expression) in pediatric cancer with a special focus on glioma and neuroblastoma. These methods may help explain what drives pediatric malignancies and allow clinicians to better monitor treatment response. His ultimate goal: to develop new drugs that restore the ability of cells to package DNA correctly.