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Seattle Startup Rodeo Therapeutics Raises More Cash for Regenerative Medicine Treatments

By April 4, 2019No Comments

Seattle-based startup Rodeo Therapeuticsis raising more cash for its work on tissue repair and regeneration.

The company has reeled in another $4.3 million, according to a new regulatory filing, adding to an investment round that also included a $3.7 million cash infusion late last year.

Rodeo, which raised a $5.9 million Series A round in 2017, declined to comment on the new funding.

The biotech startup is focused on creating treatments for inflammatory bowel disease as well as a drug that helps cancer patients’ cells grow quickly following stem cell transplants.

Rodeo was started by gastrointestinal cancer expert Dr. Sanford Markowitz, stem cell and drug development specialist Dr. Stanton Gerson, and regenerative medicine expert Dr. Joseph Ready. Thong Le is the company’s CEO; he’s also president and CEO of Seattle-based Accelerator Life Science Partners, one of Rodeo’s investors.