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Ozette Technologies Announces New Collaboration with Umoja Biopharma to Accelerate Biomarker Discovery in Preclinical Studies

By June 26, 2023No Comments

Ozette Technologies, Inc., a technology-driven life sciences company, today announced its collaboration with Umoja Biopharma, Inc., a transformative immuno-oncology company creating off-the-shelf treatments for solid and hematologic cancers. Umoja will use Ozette’s AI-powered single-cell technology for their preclinical studies.

As part of this work, the Ozette Platform™ will be used to provide research and development (R&D) support and evaluate biomarker endpoints from preclinical tumor-bearing, humanized mouse models. Humanized mouse models are often deployed in preclinical studies as a tool for modeling human immune responses in the evaluation of potential therapeutics and treatment effects before first-in-human studies. The goal of this collaboration is to help derive insights that have the potential to catalyze Umoja’s therapeutic program development.