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Meet The 2023 ISCRM IPA Recipients

By June 28, 2023No Comments

Join us in congratulating the following researchers who have received the 2023 ISCRM Innovation Pilot Awards, ISCRM’s Innovation Pilot Award (IPA) program, supported by resources from the State of Washington, aims to support innovative research of any current UW FACULTY member of ISCRM (Acting, Research and Regular Faculty) who is pursuing novel experiments that are directly relevant to stem cell biology or regeneration.

An ISCRM IPA will allow the DeForest Lab to control advanced cell fate changes in 4D-tunable engineered biomaterials. Harnessing the synNotch system, which uses modular synthetic Notch receptors to drive user-defined functional responses, the team will advance the field’s effort to recapitulate heterogenous multicellular tissue with native complexity.