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Accelerating Drug Development with AI-Enabled 3D Spatial Biology

By July 20, 2023No Comments

As drug developers experience increased pressures to rapidly and efficiently develop new medicines to address a wide range of unmet medical needs, pathology remains an essential activity in understanding the safety and efficacy of drugs, but it is inherently limited by manual methods, analog 2D analysis, and subjective interpretation. To overcome these limitations and transform pathology to better meet the needs of drug developers, Alpenglow Biosciences is pioneering 3D spatial biology, which combines the company’s unique imaging technology with cloud computing and AI analysis. In this Q&A, Alpenglow founder and CEO Nick Reder, M.D., discusses the history of pathology in drug development, the promise of 3D spatial biology, and the collaborations and other work the company is using to realize their vision, with Pharma’s Almanac Editor in Chief David Alvaro, Ph.D.