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Proniras Secures Funding for Phase I Opiate Withdrawal Study

By February 13, 2024No Comments

Clinical-stage biotechnology company Proniras has announced the successful completion of a $4.65m Series B funding round for a trial of a new treatment for opiate withdrawal.

This investment will support the Phase I clinical study of PRN-001-01 (tezampanel), a new therapy for opiate withdrawal.

The company’s lead programme, tezampanel, is a compound designed to modulate glutaminergic signalling and address opioid addiction recovery.

Tezampanel’s mechanism of action is aimed at reducing brain over-activation in circuits involved in drug withdrawal, addiction, and mental illness, without directly stimulating or antagonising the opioid system.

This approach could significantly improve the treatment of opiate withdrawal syndrome and opioid overdoses, as well as support the conversion to long-term medications assisting patients in achieving full remission.